Since 1975, Poplars Farm has been operating in the heart of Calvert County.  Our family takes great pride in what we do, whether it is producing hay or raising Black Angus steers and cows.  One of our goals is to be an asset to the surrounding community.




We use the newest technology available, whether we are processing soil samples or keeping informed about the latest fertilizer and seed. We constantly strive to produce a better hay crop.  Our barns protect the bales from weathering.  Meanwhile, we are planning for the future, with construction of additional storage.  Our round bales are 4 by 4’. Square bales are very tight, compact and weigh approximately 40 pounds.




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We are doing more than just selling hay.  Remaining active in the community is important to us, as we work to meet the needs of others.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends and customers for their support.  New customers, please mention our “First Bale Free” policy, and let us know that your animals like our hay.



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